Services |the innovation partner|

Translating user insights into packaging solutions and experiences, combining the understanding of critical areas like application, trends, ergonomics and brand equity.

Packaging Innovation

Positioning the formulation as the nucleus and developing the packaging solution around it to enhance its efficacy, building on technological as well as aesthetic parameters.

Formulation Driven Innovation

New proprietary materials and treatments that boost the performance of the package. Their influence ranges from superior application results to better formulation integrity to enhanced shelf impact.

Material Innovation

Innovations that stem from a set of processes, proprietary or otherwise. The proposed solutions are compatible with existing lines and infrastructure.

Process Innovation

Devices that enhance application results through technology and experience of use, addressing areas like hygiene, anti-aging, high-definition application, etc.

Digital and Analog Devices

A comprehensive summary of forthcoming mega trends for a pre-defined season and their translation for the beauty industry. This acts as the tool for brands to get future-ready with their product portfolios.

Trend Reports